Only 15 minutes away from Inverness you find the Lake Ainslie, the biggest fresh water lake of Nova Scotias. Here you find privacy for a quiet bath in the warm water.
This is the view from the Lake Ainslie property where we set up a tent trailer base camp in 2017 to build a hot tub with wood stove, a sauna and another tiny house. Our guests are welcome to enjoy.
The land and shore on the other side (approx 0.8 miles) is uninhabited crown land and the sandy beaches are a nice destination for our Hobie Island Kayaks. Ask for rental and instructions.
The lake offers sailing adventures for many days

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this is the waterfront of our property and view to the closest sandy beach

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mountains nearby offer tons of trails

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Indian Summer is very colorful because there are lot´s of maple and birch trees

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this is our tent trailer on the partly cleard lot

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kitchen and fridge

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two berths, sleeps 4

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the ocean front of this lot

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sandy beach just a few minutes walk away from property (marked with arrow)

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Celtic Colors

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the other side with rainbow, view from property

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tent trailer

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south shore

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nice spot for a trailer or other tiny house

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beach at National Park , East Lake Ainslie

This little video shows the property and surroundings:
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Tiny Heaven
Port Ban, Inverness, Nova Scotia
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Lake Ainslie Camp
West Lake Ainslie Rd, Nova Scotia
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Sailor`s Rest Haus
83 Samsons Cove Rd. Sampsons Cove, B0E3C0 NS
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