Living Small in the Tiny Nest House is Really About Living Big
We are currently building our second tiny house designed by our daughter, a professional architect. It will be completed and open to renters starting from July 1st. The tiny house is 24 feet long and 8.5 feet wide and is situated on a beautiful apple tree orchard with a private sandy beach, only 35 km from Port Hood , 21 km from Mabou and 6.5 km from Inverness with famous beach and golf course.

Tiny houses aren’t just for hipsters and millennials anymore. As Americans and Canadians have taken an interest in tidying up, downsizing their belongings and living more efficiently, the tiny house movement has gone mainstream, and it’s inspiring people of all ages to embrace small spaces. Our new tiny house is placed on one of the most magical places we have found in many years traveling around the world in our boat. It sits in a lovely green field full of apple trees, surrounded by mountains. Facing northeast is an ocean view, where a babbling brook ends as a waterfall on a private sandy beach. The perfect shower after an ocean swim. And its unspoiled quiet will help you to experience life with open eyes and a new energy. It is back to basics. It is heaven on earth.

Everything you need is here: the brook supplies you with clear mountain water, a propane stove for cooking; a sofa (turns into a single bed) that looks out to an incredible view and a loft with a comfortable king sized bed 60'' W x 80'' L x 8'' H and two screened windows. The bathroom comes with a little tub and the best compost toilet on the market. No need to share with other guests or walk to another spot (at night..). The house is fully 4 inch insulated against heat and coldness giving you way more comfort than most cabins, glamping, tents, yurts, tree houses etc.
Reduction makes us happy.
This is the way of living we practiced for many years on the ocean in our sailboat. It has finally reached maturity in a new vision, on land. We want to share the vision, in a world of "too much", of wastefulness and of restlessness.
Positive reviews proof that people appreciate this experience. Read reviews of the tiny heaven here:

This is the Tiny Nest, almost finished but not in place yet. It will be delivered in June to this final destination.
Happiness can be found in the smallest cabin, sometimes more easily than in a big villa, because happiness is more about “being“ than about owning something.

The idea of living in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere, in a paradise, with all amenities to be free and independent, gifted by mother nature with all the basics you need for happiness (water) and power for hot water. A so called tiny house is built like a solid well insulated big house, but it needs only a small portion of the energy of a big house, thanks to high tech appliances and small rooms.
Nothing is wasted, even the compost generated by the toilet can be used for gardening.

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This is the Tiny Nest, almost finished but not in place yet. It will be delivered in June to this final destination.

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This toilet will be replaced by the best and most expensive compost toilet on the market

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The interior pics come from our Tiny House on Lake Ainslie, just 20 minutes distant. As soon the inside is finished pretty similar to this other house I will provide up to date fotos.

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great for experienced kayakers

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mountains behind the house

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view from trail beginning just behind the house

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This is the sketch of our daughter Corinna (© 2017).

the cozy sofa opens to provide a single bed in addition to the large beed in the loft

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The view from Tiny Heaven, little more elevated than Tiny Nest, but smaller and solar power limited.

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private sandy beach with waterfall

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path down to the beach

Choose a location
Tiny Heaven
Port Ban, Inverness, Nova Scotia
46.202097, -61.369371
Lake Ainslie Camp
West Lake Ainslie Rd, Nova Scotia
46.149648, -61.228897
Bluenose & Yellownose House
523 Walkerville Rd, Cleveland, B0E1J0 Nova Scotia
Sailor`s Rest House
83 Samsons Cove Rd. Sampsons Cove, B0E3C0 NS
45.502780, -60.935763