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Cape Breton Island is connected via the Canso Causeway to Nova Scotia and belongs to the East-Canadian Maritimes. What you can read on the driving plates describes exactly what you can find in this part of Canada: „Canada’s Ocean Playground“!

The little fishing harbor of Inverness is only 15 minutes drive away, where you find the largest sandy beach on Cape Breton Island, many boardwalks and trails. The golf course “Cabot Links“ is one of the top ten in the world, and attracts visitors to the restaurants and cafes of the old mining village. The recently completed Trans Canada Trail connecting the Canadian East and West Coasts is close by, continuing to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, and it attracts hikers from all over the world. The locals and tourists live together in this changing village. Inverness benefits from golf having more money available to support the hospital and other facilities. The hospital is the biggest building in town, aside from the old Church with the two big white towers, which are visible to fishermen from far out at sea. Sometimes, between the old miners houses, you can see subsidence, evidence of mining in the distant past under the village itself, and extending far out to sea.
In the little harbor you can watch the fishermen coming in every day with fresh seafood on their Cape Islander boats. There is a Foodland grocery store for all necessities on the main street, along with a bakery.
Light in Nova Scotia is much stronger than elsewhere, colors are more brilliant and the fog is sometimes the thickest we have ever seen. Lay back and let Nova Scotia enchant you. The coastline is deeply indented by fiords and numerous bays. Cape Breton Island in the north east has a huge lake (Bras d’Or Lake) with crystal clear water and terrific fishing possibilities. People here are still very tight to their traditions: there is always an occasion to play Scottish bagpipes and Irish fiddle music. If you meet French Acadian inhabitants, although english speaking, they enjoy being greeted with a „bon jour“.
Nova Scotia is different, peculiar, very lovable and lovely at the same time. Many people find that the landscape here is very similar to Scandinavia: narrow mountains, huge green areas, lakes and large forests with moose, bears and lynxes. But, thanks to Nova Scotia’s latitude (45th latitude - the same as in France) summer is mostly warm with pleasant winds and temperatures between 25°C and 30°C.
Don’t forget to take a sweater as the weather can quickly change also in summer. This is what we love in Nova Scotia: it is never boring.
Enjoy our vacations homes.
In 2004, Cape Breton Island was voted over all other vacation spots in Canada as the second most beautiful travel destination in the world by over 200 internationally renowned travel agents. Read more.....
In 2011, the well-known travel magazine „Travel & Leisure“ chose Cape Breton Island as the Number 1 Island in the Continental U.S. and Canda and the Number 3 world best Island.
In 2014 voted Cape Breton one of 10 romantic islands worldwide you'll fall in love with.
In fact, along the stunning costal area you can easily admire seals, pilot wales, dolphins, eagles, hummingbirds, loons and puffins.
People in Nova Scotia have a very strong relationship to the sea as their main income comes from fishing lobsters. Life on land is very quiet and slow. People here have time, are open and extremely friendly to foreigners.
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fisherman coming home almost every day with fresh seafood, here king crabs

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boardwalks at the beach in Inverness

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cabot cliffs

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beach walks only 15 min away from tiny house

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Our sailboat in Inverness harbour

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lobster trabs

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good miners restaurant in Inverness

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trails beginning right behind the tiny house

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… our tiny philosophy

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the little but alive Inverness harbour

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whale watching

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there are trails where you can see mouse for almost granted

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Inverness beach

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sunset after strong winds

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Bald Eagle

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Church of Inverness

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ready for leaving to catch fish

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„Cookhouse“ with good coffee, bakery and free wifi

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boardwalks in the dunes

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Coop supermarket offers all you need for your stay

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Miners Restaurant

If you want to stay with a bigger family or need a bigger house please check our other options below:
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The Yellownose House with huge private beach. It is very easy to pull the big family canoe from the sandy point into the River Inhabitants and enjoy fishing your own dinner. Particular for kids the bay offers perfect swimming.
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The Bluenose House next door with panoramic view from the patio facing the deep blue glittering ocean is the #1 spot for perfect holidays. Two generations, couples and nature lovers enjoy privacy and water sports.
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This private Sailor`s Rest House sits on the cliffs at the end of the quaint fishing village of Samson’s Cove (35 min drive from the other houses). Recently been fully renovated it now offers air-condition, bright furniture and handcrafted driftwood beach art. Hear, smell and taste the surf.
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Choose a location
Tiny Heaven House
Port Ban, Inverness, Nova Scotia
46.202097, -61.369371
Bluenose & Yellownose House
523 Walkerville Rd, Cleveland, B0E1J0 Nova Scotia
Sailor`s Rest House
83 Samsons Cove Rd. Sampsons Cove, B0E3C0 NS
45.502780, -60.935763