The Tiny House Ownership Program

You can possess your own holiday home in Canada
Located in top settings, by the sea, by a lake or by a waterfall with a private beach
Prices start at 48,000 CAD (37,000 USD) based on configuration.
You can earn 50% of the rental fees, without the worries!
The rental management and additional costs will be run by our vacation home rental business, operating in tourism since 1999.

"I have already seen a mini-house like this somewhere. That's sweet, I'd like to rent it! "
This is a common reaction that people have when they first see it. That’s the reason why these houses are called „tiny“, small and sweet.

The idea of living in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere, in a paradise, is usually linked to the idea of freedom and independence. Mother Nature will generously provide you with all the basics you need to fulfill your happiness: solar power, water and warmth. A so called tiny house is built like a well insulated big house, but it only needs a fraction of energy compared to a big house, thanks to its high-tech appliances and small rooms.
Nothing is wasted, even the compost generated by the toilet can be used for gardening.

Living Small in a Tiny House is Really About Living Big
Tiny houses aren’t just for hipsters and millennials anymore. Since Americans and Canadians have taken an interest in tidying up, downsizing their belongings and living more efficiently, the tiny house movement has gone mainstream, inspiring people of all ages. Our “Tiny Heaven“ is located on one of the most magical places we have found after many years of traveling around the world. It is situated on a lovely green field full of apple trees, surrounded by mountains. Facing west you can enjoy a stunning ocean view and a babbling brook ending as a waterfall on a private sandy beach: the perfect shower after swimming in the ocean. Its unspoiled quiet will help you to experience life with open eyes and new energy. It is back to basics. It is heaven on Earth.
Everything you need is here: the brook supplies you with clear mountain water for your unique original wine barrel indoor shower, a propane stove for cooking, a sofa single bed with an incredible view and a loft with a comfortable king sized bed and four screened windows.
AirBnB listed this house in 2014 as one of the coolest accommodations in Canada.

We build your Tiny House for you, helping you to realize your ideas regarding size and equipment. We support you with our experience in rentability and value stability. We work with reliable specialists and companies on the Island.

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If you cannot imagine living in a Tiny House, please feel free to rent our "Tiny-Heaven" on Cape Breton and try it out. If you choose to step into the Tiny House Owner Program, we will refund one week rental fee. Welcome to the Island!
The Tiny House Owner Program

For a period of 5 years we will provide the infrastructure, the property for your house and all the amenities of a round-the-clock service.
Depending on the equipment and furnishings, you will invest about 48,000 CAD (37,000 USD) for a fully insulated, year round habitable tailor-made house for 4 persons with loft, built fulfilling all rules of a wood framing construction on a 24 ft stainless aluminum trailer.
Whale Point Water Sports Ltd. will take care of operating costs of your house, maintenance, service, winterizing and, last but not least, its rental, from which you will receive 50% of the income. Only ten weeks of renting will guarantee you an income of about 5,000 CAD, as you will start earning from the very first renting day.
You will have the house at your disposal free of charge for 2 weeks during high season or 5 weeks during low season.
You decide whether you want to use it for yourself or if you want to rent it out during these weeks to your own guests and earn up to an extra $1400.00 CAD. You can alternatively decide not to use the house during these weeks and to give it us for renting. In this case you will have the right to stay for one week during high season or three weeks during low season in one of our comfortable and large holiday houses for 6-8 persons on the south shore of Cape Breton Island.

We have been operating in Canada since 1999 and you will benefit from our long rental experience and from our water sports offers with sailing trips and sailing lessons, kayaking or fishing trips in power boats and much more.

You will not have to spend time with expensive settlements and foreign tax declarations abroad. You will not be surprised with hidden maintenance costs like traditionally built holiday homes.
Your only consideration might be a suitable insurance for your needs.

A the end of the 5 years you will have the option of extending the program, us taking over your Tiny House or you can buy it outright to use as you wish, thanks to its high-quality and innovative materials, for many years to come.

Please ask for details about the Tiny House Ownership Program here ...
(All information without guarantee and liability, subject to change)

Download the printable flyer here:
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The advantages of a holiday home in Nova Scotia with the Tiny House Ownership Program:

- Commitment in one of the safest and most attractive countries in the world
- Basis for later immigration
- With online available visa you can stay here for 6 months per year
- Good direct flights to the International Airport Halifax
- Pleasant climate, clean water, rich fishing grounds
- Friendly inhabitants
- Support by an experienced company on site
- You will not have to spend time with expensive settlements and foreign tax declarations abroad
- Mobility: you place your home where you want by the sea, by a lake, by a river or by a waterfall
- Flexibility: it is possible to change places during runtime of the program
- No hidden maintenance costs like old traditionally built holiday homes
- High resale value of a mobile building vs a traditionally built house
- Increased demand on tiny houses from the US
- Environmentally friendly, profitable, transparent investment
- Diversified in exchange with other properties on site
- Peace and privacy on spacious plots
- Rising economic power - 2.2% per annum in Nova Scotia
16% more overnight stays in Cape Breton in 2016!
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- High rental potential ensures the return,
thanks to the increasing number of tourists. See movie: